Born and raised in the humble village of Kambi in Crete, Greece, Penelope was a woman of Warmth and kindness.

She was famed in her village for frequently gathering her neighbors, friends and family at her home for coffee and home cooked meals. Often, she talked about the beautiful things to learn in life and always had a humble and nurturing approach to all discussions at hand. Her home quickly became a very popular place to spend time in the village and some generations later, the birth of 4 great grandsons inherited the same need to welcome people in their modernized version of a home. Penelope’s is not simply a coffee shop, it is a lifestyle, a culture, it’s history and it is warmth. As a loving community facing difficult times, we have a need for sharing our stories about life, troubles, triumphs and gratitude. This is what mends us together in the most human way possible. This is Penelope’s, come sip with us

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